Sample Mix Subscription

$50 every 4 weeks

Subscribe this March and get a Free Microgreens Starter kit, including soil, a reusable grow pot, a pack of peashoot seeds, and instructions. This a great opportunity to grow fresh and nutritious microgreens at home.

The kit provides everything you need to start growing healthy microgreens. The soil for optimal growth, the reusable grow pot allows for continued harvests, and the included peashoot seeds are a popular variety known for their pea-like flavor. Follow the simple instructions and start enjoying your homegrown microgreens.

Every week, you’ll receive a pack of assorted microgreens with the Sample Mix Microgreens offer, which is ideal for one to two individuals. It’s a fantastic value, as you’ll have the opportunity to taste various micro vegetables grown locally and packed with nutrients year-round. Each pack contains 4.2 ounces or 120 grams of three different leafy microgreens, providing three to five servings per person. With a one-month subscription plan, you’ll receive four containers, and free delivery is available in Edmonton and nearby areas.

Free delivery only applies to orders over $30