arugula spring mix

The Arugula Spring mix is a healthy blend of arugula and kale greens. Arugula microgreens, also known as rocket microgreens have smooth green leaves and tender stems.

They are an excellent addition to salads, sandwiches, and fish. The same can be said for Kale greens.

Kale is a leafy and cruciferous dark green vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked. With its bitter taste, and combined with the mild, subtly sweet, peppery and tangy flavour of arugula, these two form a mix that creates a balance in soups, pasta, curries, omelettes, sautéed side dishes and salads.

The Arugula spring mix is a rich source of calcium for strong bones, vitamin C for a strong immune system, dietary fibre (helps to lower blood glucose level), potassium to balance fluid levels in the body, and folate (which develops genetic material). The presence of both Arugula and Kale greens provide these main nutrients when used to garnish your meals.